Social Anxiety

My decision and EXCITEMENT to do some coaching around "social anxiety" is personal for me and I'm extremely passionate about it...because guess what?  I have SA!  I know what it's like walking into a room full of people and feeling like every eye is on you.  I know what it's like trying to avoid contact out of fear of being fully "seen".  I know what it's like to harbor thoughts in your head of every insecurity you have, and fear of those insecurities being perceived by others.  I know what it's like feeling like your heart is about to jump out of your chest, and that your air supply is becoming more and more restricted from just the thought of you having to step outside of your comfort zone.  Through open sharing, tools that encourages you to step outside of your "safe" place, and unconditional support, you'll find yourself standing in your truth and letting go of your fears.

Personal & Professional

This can range from simply seeking to gain clarity, having problems setting and following through with goals, or maybe just desiring objective unconditional support.  Whatever's up for you will guide the content for our session.