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About Me

My name is Tanika Latta and I'm a Certified Life Coach and Founder & Director of Mindful-Solutions Life Coaching. I have over a year of professional experience and a lifetime of passion for helping others through means of encouragement and unconditional support.

Before deciding to pursue life coaching full time, I struggled with uncertainty.  Is this what I really want to do?  Can I really help others?  Is this really my purpose? But through all of the doubt, it continued to tug at my spirit and call me like nothing had ever called me before.  It was actually quite frightening because in my deciding moment, I KNEW that I had to let go of my pursuit for comfort and start my pursuit for heart.  So, that's what I did and here I am today!

My coaching techniques are a reflection of what I whole-heartedly believe; everyone is already whole and complete and everything you need is already inside of you.  I'm just here to get it out!

I believe that everyone has a purpose, whether they've discovered it or not, as a purpose is simply a natural extension of who you are.  I also believe that everyone is capable of becoming the best version of themselves, which subsequently illuminates the path to that purpose. However, this doesn't come in the form of perfection, but rather in the form of conscious participation, self-awareness, and most importantly, self-acceptance.  Being mindful and having an awareness in every moment you encounter, allows you to live and experience life fully engaged in your highest form of self.

Regardless of what you're seeking, whether it's clarity or change, it all starts with self.  Be Present, be intentional, and most importantly BE YOU!